Cambridge Personal Training For Women

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Fitness Designed For Women

Juice Fitness is dedicated to providing a warm and motivational environment to privately train women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds in Cambridge. Finding the right Personal Trainer or instructor who understands your body type is essential to your success. Stop by the studio and take the right steps towards a more active lifestyle.

Reformer Pilates Personal Training Juice Fitness is a unique training service that specializes in working with women. Our private training space is secretly tucked away on Mill Road and provides an opportunity to experience a new way to train. All of the sessions will be determined by your goals and will use a combination of resistance training on the Reformer equipment to tone your body with heart pumping plyometric exercises.

Resistance training can be used to build strength or tone and the cardiovascular training can be used for power or endurance. The combination of these two training techniques will be based on your goals and adjusted for your success. Book your sessions today and start getting fit.

What To Expect

When you sign up for personal training at Juice Fitness in Cambridge you can expect an initial meeting, supportive training one to three times per week, and nutritional advice.

Initial Meeting

consultationBefore your training begins there will be an initial consultation so we can sit down together and discuss your goals. During this time we will get to know one another and you can tell me about your current lifestyle (including nutrition) and what you hope to get out of your personal training sessions. There are many different reasons to use a Personal Trainer. Maybe you need more motivation, would like to de-stress, have more energy, tone your body, have a stronger core, have increased muscle definition, improve your posture or learn more about yourself. Whatever your reason, I am here to help and serve you!


It is essential to train regularly and often. Two or three times a week is ideal. Training two or three times a week allows you to train regularly and gain momentum. If two or three times a week is unrealistic, 1 time a week will get you going in the right direction. Additionally, all Personal Training sessions can be complimented with our group classes for maintenance and consistency.


Nutritional AdviceNutrition is essential to looking your best and feeling your best. The foods that you eat should be nutritious and make you feel good. It is essential to have a baseline in which to start. We may need to make some alterations to your daily consumption that is suitable for your lifestyle and sustainable for a lifetime. No fad diet or unrealistic expectations. I want you to enjoy the foods that you love and focus on the variety and options that are available to you! Email me today and wake up to your bright inner body! Babs@JuiceFitness.co.uk

Personal Training Programs


Fit BridesYou deserve to look and feel for best for your big day! Your wedding day is exciting and fun and there is no better way to show off your beautiful dress than with a bright and shining physique! Book 1:1 sessions and experience a program tailored for your individual needs accompanied with relaxation to de-stress before the big day.


From undergrad to post grad students exercise is a great way to de-stress and maintain positive energy levels during term time. If you are a student and are looking for a fun place to train outside of a gym then Juice is just for you! I can offer you a special rate with your University ID card. If you have never exercised before don't worry. This is the perfect time to start training and accomplishing your goals!

FitnessCore Workout

If you are used to a gym atmosphere with treadmills, free weights and a familiar routine, consider trying something new. It is always good to expand your training regime and we can create a program that is uniquely tailored for your fitness needs. If you are looking to add resistance training to your cardio gym routine then the reformer is perfect for you to tone and shape your body.

Young Adults

Training is not just for adults. Personal training can be used for teenagers too! Working out is a great way for teenagers to stay in shape, especially if they are not interested in sports. Growing kids need to stay active and learn to move with their body. Training sessions for teenagers can help build a healthy physical activity foundation to last a lifetime.

Posture and Optimal Movement

Personal training sessions don't all have to be sweaty and so challenging that it is hard to walk the next day. If you are interested in simply improving your posture and staying active with optimal movement and full range of motion then sign up for a session today. Every body is different and I can help you move efficiently and optimally.